The Governance Evaluator 

Established in 2013, Governance Evaluator is Australia’s preeminent cloud-based, online tool and platform for governance evaluation and capability building.


    The platform comprises of: 

    The platform comprises of: 

    • Customer Support
    • Governance Evaluation (online)
    • Governance Capability Assessment
    • Governance Action Plan
    • Governance Manual
    • Resources Manual 
    • Governance TV
    • Benchmarking and Trending Results

    Dr. Nick Denton discusses his experience using the Governance Evaluator


    Accredited Independent Convener

    If you choose to discuss the results of the online evaluation with an independent consultant, Jodie Willmer is an expert convener who can lead you through this process for a powerful outcome. 

    In some sectors this is a legislated compulsory activity which must be undertaken regularly; with others it is best practice or recommended as a way of having an independent view of the governance capability of an organisation.  In the health sector it plays a part in their accreditation process.

    The external convenor will undertake the role that in subsequent years could be undertaken internally by the Chair.  This includes:

    • Board Evaluation
    • Individual Director Interviews
    • Board Development Session

    To receive more information on the online tool of Governance Evaluator please contact:

    E: jodie@consciousgovernance.com  
    M: 0422 262 040
    W: www.governanceevaluator.com