The Online Strategic Governance Review

Our Online Strategic Governance Review is a comprehensive independent review of Board processes, including Board strategic processes, Board structure, constitution, Board and stakeholder communication, Board compliance responsibilities and strategic operational issues that directly affect the governance of your organisation. It is delivered in an online format, which allows Directors to respond anonymously and comprehensively.

This review not only provides a detailed report on all aspects of governance and relevant operational activities (eg performance management, financial controls, risk management etc), but also provides recommendations for improvement.

This Strategic Governance review provides insights into the work of the Board and senior executives, and practical strategies and tools to improve the process, the decision making, and the outputs of the Board and senior executives. In addition, this process provides practical recommendations for action, and support to the Board and senior staff in achieving the necessary changes. This is an incredibly powerful process.

Online Survey Process

This will be achieved via an online survey process utilizing questions selected for the needs of your Board/s.  Conscious Governance will host the performance assessment questionnaires for access and on-line completion by Board members. Conscious Governance will provide advice and assistance to Board members for completing the on-line performance assessments. This shall be either through telephone calls or on-line support.

The questions will be developed in conjunction with the Governance Working Group and will cover all key areas of governance and strategic operational areas. Copies of the draft survey questionnaires will be circulated to the Company for input, and suggested improvements.  This will allow representatives of the company to provide specific suggestions for how the survey can be tailored to better meet their needs and circumstances.

In addition, the survey process will cover succession planning processes and techniques, performance frameworks including Director and senior executive reviews and stakeholder engagement. The scope of work does not include the assessment of individual Directors and their perceptions and contributions.  

Reporting of Results and Recommendations

The Chair and each Director shall receive a succinct report on collective performance of their Board, based on detailed analysis of the comments and insights from fellow Directors.  This report will assist them in their role as a Director. The report shall also include suggestions for Professional Development to be considered for the Board as a whole.  The report will provide the Chair and Directors with key information that will help them enhance their own governance practices and concepts.  While the report covers the evaluation of the Board as a group, it is our experience that it will also lead to increased understanding and awareness of the true roles of Directors in creating a strategically aware organisation.

Preparation and presentation of the review of the Board will include key findings, with recommendations, timelines, and Best Practice processes demonstrated. A succinct action-oriented work plan will be developed as a draft for consideration and subsequent implementation by the Board, once approved. A review of Board and Strategic Operations Evaluation models and recommended future evaluation models will be made. A succession plan for Board members development and recruitment will be provided.