Constitution Review & Change Process


Conscious Governance provides constitutional reviews and proposed governance changes.

Our constitutional review incorporates best practices for community changing organizations and takes into account the strategic requirements of the organization.

The Sample Constitution Review Process:

  1.  Identify relevant constitutional clauses that need possible change and the implications for governance. Discuss options with Board subcommittee
  2. Prepare a Board discussion paper outlining the options and reasons for the options.
  3. Present to Board and respond to Board questions
  4. Board to agree on changes to put to members
  5. Prepare constitutional changes and implications for governance structure in a format that makes member approval more likely
  6. Advise on process to gain member approval
  7. Assist in developing FAQ’s for members prior to voting-
  8. Communicate and receive feedback from members
  9. Provide paper for AGM for members to vote on proposed changes to constitution