The Need for Leadership Development

Today, businesses need talented leaders at both the staff and Board level. These leaders need to be strategically aware and willing to create the future through the choices they make.

Effective organizations rely on their leaders tapping into the passion, potential and discretionary performance of every staff member and individual. If all organizational tiers are energized and proactively seeking to improve their community or membership's well being, the entire workforce will surge toward their objectives. 

Organizations and stakeholders need multifaceted leaders who can act as champions of the organizational vision, introduce change, act on opportunity and perform beyond their current capacity. 

Great leaders encourage everyone around them to operate at peak capacity, tap into their own awareness and live a culture of innovation and engagement. 

Our support services provide the framework, the systems and the insights to create this as a reality in your organization. 


CEO Performance Reviews



Our CEO performance review process is a comprehensive independent review of CEO performance against agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and the CEO contract.

This process:

  • Makes recommendations against both agreed performance and also key stakeholder perceptions
  • Provides a framework for developing KPIs
  • Independently reviews the performance of the CEO against those agreed KPIs.

This CEO review process will leave you with rich insights so you can ensure best practice techniques on an ongoing basis. In addition, this process provides practical recommendations for action and support to the Board and senior staff in achieving the necessary changes.


Why Conscious Governance?

We have conducted extensive Board, CEO, governance and strategic reviews of nonprofit and corporate Boards and executives over the past 30 years. We have worked with large numbers of membership, faith-based, employment, housing, education and disability organisations in developing their Board, senior executive and operational evaluation processes, as well as their strategic plans. We have developed governance, strategic and risk programs that meet and exceed the requirements of the Service Excellence Program from the department for Families and Communities and the Department of Health.  We have conducted high level governance and staff reviews for a large number of Olympic sports on behalf of the Australian Sports Commission.


Other Services

Performance Management and Performance Payment Systems for CEO and Staff

Conscious Governance has developed and implemented a number of performance management, incentive based and performance based remuneration systems. Their experience has shown that traditional corporate incentive-based systems (including bonus systems and long term incentives based over a number of years) do not create the desired results of retaining or incentivizing staff in the nonprofit sector.

Through experience, we have found that in the nonprofit and corporate sector, developing strategic performance-pay based systems that are directly related to strategy, vision, culture and compliance issues are the most effective in focusing staff and creating a culture of innovation and strategic focus.

These performance-pay based systems are simple to introduce, simple to administer, and provide clarity to managers and staff regarding the impact they can have on the organisation achieving its goals, through their position and the work they do. The performance-pay based system is highly motivating, and

provides a mechanism for the organisation to reward those staff who achieve their KPIs.The funding of the performance payments is made through either increased revenue, decreased costs, or increased efficiency and effectiveness. There is always a net gain to the organisation.

Simplify your performance management system: 3 types of KPI's that add  value


Leadership Mentoring Program


This mentoring program for Chairs, Directors, CEOs or senior staff would include the following:

  • At least 2 face to face meetings to discuss strategic issues relating to work, career and life circumstances
  • At least one Skype discussion each month to discuss strategic issues relating to work, career and life circumstances
  • Email and telephone support each month as required
  • Opportunities for the mentee to work with Conscious Governance senior advisor on relevant projects as they relate to their career

Strategic Governance, Innovation & Revenue Workshop for Board members & staff



  • Our view on Revenue and money creating our reality-implications
  • Scarcity vs Prosperity and strategic decision making-staff and Board
  • Innovation using vision/mission as the filter
  • Using your  Vision Statement to identify partners and revenue streams
    • Vision filtering
    • Versioning
  • The question “What is it that we do so well that we do not value therefore assume others will not?”
  • Key questions to ask to identify revenue streams
  • Finding strategic alliances      
    • Revenue generating techniques
    • Three categories of Revenue Sources
  •  Identifying relevant revenue streams
  • Ranking relevant revenue stream options
  • Action planning agreed options. These action plans will include project planning incorporating scope, start, finish, resource implications, success measures, ethical and risk implications
  • Different reporting options for accountability-Gaant chart, dashboard etc

Detailed notes will be provided as a workbook, together with numerous governance tools for the Board and CEO.


Techniques: We use an array of techniques, including dynamic presentations, real life case studies, and small- and full-group discussions to fully engage the Board members in this workshop. The content detailed below will be covered over the course of the workshop, however it may not be in the sequence as suggested below. The workshop will develop according to the interests and requirements of the participants, and whilst all the topics will be covered, how they are covered will be dependent upon the questions and interactions with the workshop participants.

Electronic Library of Knowledge: In addition, the unique Electronic Library of Knowledge is available for Board members during the workshop session. This Electronic Library of Knowledge is over a decades worth of governance tools, policies, charters and procedures that can be provided on the day of the workshop for the Board if a particular issue arises that is not covered in the workshop notes.