Governance Structure Review

Our Governance Structure Review is a comprehensive independent review of organizational structure and Board processes.

This Governance Structure Review provides insights into the work of the Board and senior executives, and practical strategies and tools to improve the process, decision making and the outputs of the Board and senior executives. In addition, this process provides practical recommendations for action, and support to the Board and senior staff in achieving the necessary changes. 

Sample Governance Structure Review Process


The process would often include the following:

  1. Define a corporate structure for your organisation and the relationships between its component parts that can create an effective and efficient organisation that meets modern governance and legislative requirements and allowing you to meet your objectives. 
  2. Propose ways in which your organisation can better reach out to the community it serves.
  3. Propose how your organisation can be best managed as a national or state organization.
  4. Determine the structure, role and responsibilities of the relevant governing body.
  5. Define the mix of skills and experience required of members of the relevant governing body.

6. Define a process for selection of members of the relevant governing body.

7. Define a performance regime for your organisation, including the relevant governing body.

8. Consider how your organisation can be funded in the future.

9. Define a process and timescale for moving to a new governance structure.

10. Provide a recommendations report to the governing body of your organisation.