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How to Govern Cyber Security

Cyber security is no longer an issue for the IT department: The Boardroom must prepare itself to meet the challenges and opportunities of cyberspace.

10 Video Modules | 11 PDF worksheets & downloads

$390 AUD 


Strategic Planning 2.0: Creating your Future

Follow this proven framework to create a strategic planning facilitation that drives change in your organization, and in the community it serves.

30+ Video Modules | 10+ PDF downloads

$175 AUD 


How to use Your Vision Statement for Innovation 

Your Vision statement is more than a catch-phrase; it's a call to arms. Learn how to forge an inspiring Vision statement before using it as a springboard for innovation. 

2 Video Modules | 2 PDF downloads

$95 AUD 

Where Culture Meets Strategy

Where Culture Meets Strategy 

Discover the link between a strong culture and high performing organizations: deliver on your strategic plan and drive lasting success for your communities and stakeholders.

8+ Video Modules | 6+ PDF downloads and worksheets

NOW $125 AUD  WAS $195

Induction Insights for Directors

Induction Insights for Directors (Annual Subscription)

Induction Insights For Directors is designed to be a strategic supplement to your existing Board induction program: it will leave new directors prepared for their first Board meeting and their ongoing service on your Board­­.

9+ video modules | 9+ PDF downloads

$275 AUD Annual Subscription | 90-Day Free Trial


Ending Micromanagement Around the Board Room

Micromanagement can derail meetings at all levels of your organization. Learn how to spot it and stamp it out for good.

9 video modules | 5+ downloadable PDFs

$75 AUD