Evaluate your Governance practices & realign the Board

Our Strategic Governance and Operations review is a comprehensive, independent review of Board processes. This includes Board strategic processes, Board structure, constitution, Board and stakeholder communication, Board compliance responsibilities and strategic operational issues that directly affect the governance of your organization.

This review provides a detailed report on all aspects of governance and relevant operational activities with recommendations for improvement. These include: performance management, financial reporting and risk management

The results of the review provides you with insights into the work of the Board and senior executives, and practical strategies to improve the processes, the decision making, and the outputs of the Board and senior executives.

In addition, it provides practical recommendations for action, and support to the Board and senior staff in achieving the necessary changes.




A Few  Of Our Strategic Governance And Operations Review Clients From The Last 18 Months


The 5 Step Strategic Governance & Operations Review Process


1. Desktop review of earlier relevant documentation (2 Days) 

This would include at least the following:

  • The last 2 Board minutes and agendas

  • Strategic plan

  • Risk plan

  • Constitution

  • Governance policy documentation

  • Board induction program

  • Board and senior executive performance reviews

  • Public reporting (such as annual reports/ financial reports) (2 days)

2. On-site desk audit of governance and strategic operational processes (1.5 days)

The 5 critical areas of governance will be investigated, analyzed for document and process quality and rated with recommendations made. This determines the priorities for action.

This is conducted in conjunction with the CEO and senior executives, and provides a strategic process for exploring key issues at the senior executive level.

Each of the areas that are in need of rectification or improvement are either addressed on the spot (e.g. sample policies provided, Constitution/By Laws reviewed and recommendations made, procedures developed, charters drafted etc.), or tools are provided to allow the staff or committees to efficiently address the issues identified.

This desk audit provides evidence to assist in the analysis of Board members perceptions of the governance functions of the organisation.

3. Board evaluation via face-to-face interviews of (1.5 hrs each / 3 days total)

Each Board member is interviewed to investigate their understanding of governance, strategic decision making and their recommendations for improvement.

The questions will be developed in conjunction with the Governance Working Group, and will cover all key areas of governance and strategic operational areas. In addition, it will cover succession planning processes and techniques, performance frameworks including Director and senior executive reviews and stakeholder engagement.

This evaluation will be of the Board collectively and the individual Directors' perceptions of themselves and their colleagues. Each Director shall receive an individual assessment and insights from fellow Directors that will assist them in their role as a Director.

These individual face-to-face interviews have been described by Directors as a very powerful means of exploring governance practices and concepts, and invariably lead to increased understanding and awareness of the true roles of Directors.


4. Electronic evaluation survey of key stakeholders, including executive staff (1 day)

Stakeholders rate the Board against agreed criteria, including delivery against vision, mission and strategic plan.

This is incredibly powerful as it provides points of view from people other than Board members, and provides insight into how the Board is perceived by key stakeholders regarding the quality of the organisations collaboration and impact on policy, planning, risk management and service delivery.

5. Collation and Analysis of results. ( 1.5 days)

Following the analysis of all data, the Board is presented with all results, including: the desk audit, Board evaluation and stakeholder evaluation findings (with recommendations), project planning timelines, a demonstration on best practices

An action plan will then be developed with the Board for implementation of agreed areas.

This action plan will provide key recommendations and proposed timelines for implementing once it is approved. A review of Board and Strategic Operations Evaluation models and recommended future evaluation models will be tailored for your organization.

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Governance Policies Review And Support

This process is aimed at rapidly producing the required organizational outcomes and establishing best practice in governance.

We have extensive risk, governance, strategic planning and operations experience in the not-for-profit and corporate sectors, which will ensure this project is completed in a timely and sustainable manner. One of the major benefits of this governance policy review is the change of focus on risk as a compliance issue, to risk as strategic advantage.

Sample Governance Policies Review And Support

  • Review of all existing governance policies

  • Review the risk library, including risks identified by staff, Board and stakeholders

  • Review policies and board charters and make recommendations for consolidation/expansion

  • Make recommendations for procedures connected with priority policies

  • Work in conjunction with the CEO and relevant board members/chairs of committees/senior staff to ensure that governance policies are relevant, contemporary and easily accessible

  • Make recommendations for Board and staff induction regarding governance policies and periodic review

  • Provide examples and templates