Conscious Governance is a global, independent advisory service for Boards, CEOs and directors. In working with organizations across all sectors, we provide resources, guidance and online programs that promote strong governance practices.

In delivering our services, we inspire greater strategic awareness within an organization, facilitating new opportunities and strategic initiatives to better serve the wider community.

Our consulting and education programs are designed to create a greater level of strategic awareness at Board, senior executive and key stakeholder levels.

Similarly, we have worked with many thousands of senior leaders to assist them to see the world, their organization and the impact they have on society from a different point of view.

Our vision has always been to facilitate change, enabling the creation of a sustainable future for us and our planet.  We have found the most effective way to do this has been to work with Boards and Senior Executives to create the change required. You can read our philosophy on the true role of the Board here.

It is our belief that if individuals are willing to be the leaders they can be, then this will have a profound impact on society.


We have worked with hundreds of organizations across many sectors, including:

We deliver:


Strategic planning and reviews which equip you for the challenges and opportunities of the future

Governance solutions, audits and practices for society changing organizations

Risk management strategies which negotiate risk and uncertainty from the perspective of opportunity

Leadership training (including CEO mentoring) which drives the skills of your Board, senior executives & workforce



Meet the team



Advisory Boards Group (ABG) is a global consulting group that offers Consulting, Education and Advisory Boards to a wide variety of clients and industries. ABG’s consultants have been Leading practitioners and specialists and in their respective industries for over 20 years each and bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience.

ABG utilizes the experience of its advisors, partners and consultants to provide world best practice and tailored advice in Cyber Security solution, Strategy innovation, Business growth and Change & Project management.

Cyber Security in the Boardroom:
•    Cyber threats and defences Module - Tactical plans
•    Directors and Officers Module - Strategy
•    Risk Management Workshop for Cyber
•    Cyber Crisis simulation

Advisory Boards:
ABG can assemble Advisory Boards suited to the particular needs of an organisation. Advisors are changed depending on the specific changing needs of the client.



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