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Do you live in rural Victoria? Next stop: Yarrawonga

Conscious Governance is partnering with local organizations in Ballarat, Horsham, Warragul and Yarrawonga to deliver a series of 'Regional Round Tables'. These sessions are designed to bring strategic planning and governance training to the forefront in regional nonprofits. Learn more

Board Induction Programs New Zealand program

Free Board Induction Workshop

If you live in Auckland, New Zealand, join us for a free workshop exploring the critical components of a highly effective Board induction program, and how this can help create the foundation of a strategic Boardroom.

When: Wednesday, 12 October 2016 (9:00-10:30 am)

To learn more, or register your interest, click here.


Introducing Conscious Governance's first video companion: Induction Insights for Directors



After input and Beta testing from over 400 CEOs and Board members, we have developed a 10-part video companion which walks you through your Board induction material: everything from extracting insights from your financial reports to reducing micromanagement around the Boardroom. 

This video walk-through is designed to work with your existing induction program to build director confidence and skill before the first board meeting. Subscribe below and discover just how valuable your induction program can be.

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A few of the community-changing leaders & organizations we have worked alongside


Download the Complete Governance Solutions Toolkit


  • Sample Board charter
  • Sample harassment policy
  • Sample occupational health and safety policy
  • Duties and responsibilities of a Director 

Comments from our community


I got a lot out of your session, in fact it was the highlight for me. Please alert me to any plans you have to visit Tasmania and I will promote attendance by our board members!
— Lisa Wardlaw-Kelly, Executive Officer, Governance and Data
The workshop which I attended... is my professional development highlight of recent years [the] material is clearly evidence-based, very practical and readily ‘implementable’.
— Lynette Moore, Executive Director, Alzheimer’s Australia Vic
Our Strategic Plan has also now become a document that ALL staff are not only aware of, but is a reference point for our activities.
— Donna Wroth, Executive Officer, South West VETlink Inc