Is your Board after More Strategic Focus?



Are you and your Board ready for the next level of governance? This in-house workshop is for you.

For many nonprofits, a lack of momentum or direction can develop when it becomes solely concerned with day-to-day operations. This can obscure the role of the Board away from the gift it can be to the community. If your Board lacks focus, if it is disconnected from its purpose, or if there is a buildup of personal tension, a realignment may be needed. This is what the Advanced Governance Workshop has been designed to achieve.

In addition, if you have new Directors joining your Board, this workshop is an ideal refresher to build on your collective understanding of modern governance as well as identifying any areas for improvement.

We use real life case studies and small/full group discussions to engage the Board members in their roles beyond compliance. The workshop will develop and be tailored according to the interests and requirements of the participants.

In addition, our unique Electronic Library of Knowledge is available for Board members during the workshop session. This Electronic Library of Knowledge is over a decade’s worth of governance tools, policies, charters and procedures that can be provided on the day of the workshop for the Board if a particular issue arises that is not covered in the workshop notes.



The content for the workshop would include agreed topics. Some topics that may be relevant include:

1. What is the function and what are the skills required of Boards today?

2. Developing Strategic Awareness within the Board and staff

3. Structuring interactions to facilitate strategic discussion

4. Using your Vision Statement for strategic advantage

5. Setting strategy versus managing-Strategic vs Operational

6. Innovative strategic reporting techniques that raise strategic awareness

7. Structuring meetings to enhance strategic awareness

8. Setting strategic Board agendas

9. Extracting the most value from your Board

10. Powerful strategic questions for every Board and senior staff member

11. Selecting the right people for your Board, staff and committees-skills and attributes that enhance strategic awareness

12. Legal responsibility of Board members, committee members and expected behaviors

13. Structure, role and operations of the Board and committees

14. Skills analysis and committee succession planning

15. Board accountability and performance appraisal techniques;

16. The role of constituents (stakeholders) in strategy, risk and accountability

17. Aligning staff performance, strategic plan and finances

18. The role of the Staff, Board and committees in risk

19. Risk as strategic opportunity

20. The role of constituents (stakeholders) in strategy, risk and accountability

21. How to develop and read financial statements for strategic information

22. Decision making criteria for Boards

23. Succession Planning for Board and leadership team

24. Other topics as raised on the day


Before the workshop, we analyse the organization’s strategic plan, constitution/Bylaws, past Board minutes and agenda, risk management plan and annual report to develop an unique insight into each organization and provide recommendations to further enhance the work of the Board.