What is strategic awareness? 8 ways you can begin to use it in business and in life

Strategic awareness rarely features in modern textbooks on management, yet is something that can fundamentally change conversations and decision-making at the Board level. 

In essence, strategic awareness is the...

How to Remove an Unproductive Board Member

Removing a Director should occur either by performance management (e.g. Board evaluation results), structural management (e.g. term limits or constitutional and/or legal requirements invoked), or by perception management (e.g. offering a position on an advisory committee)

The powers of nonprofit boards VS members: What you need to know

Many CEOs we have worked with can recount a situation where they have been involved in an AGM (not necessarily their own) that have dissolved into farce and acrimony, leaving the organization in confusion and Board and staff unsure what to do next.

11 engagement techniques to improve your board attendance rates

Have you ever had (or heard of) the situation where one or more Board members were either consistently late, or were not turning up on a regular basis (with or without pre-warning)?