How do you stop a great CEO from leaving? Change their performance management

One of the key assets of any nonprofit organization is its CEO (or MD, EO, GM, Coordinator or any other title that represents the chief staff leader). A primary reason many great CEOs choose to leave their organization is due to poor handling of their performance management by the Board, or sometimes not at all.

For the board savvy CEO: your 8 steps to building an unbreakable relationship with the board

Eight of our best steps you can begin to implement today, which promise to put you in good shape to becoming a Board savvy CEO. This will enable a productive relationship to take place, and is crucial for trust to be fostered and strategic outcomes achieved much faster.

How to Remove an Unproductive Board Member

Removing a Director should occur either by performance management (e.g. Board evaluation results), structural management (e.g. term limits or constitutional and/or legal requirements invoked), or by perception management (e.g. offering a position on an advisory committee)