Stop competing for less: How to adopt a 'blue ocean strategy' and unlock value innovations in the Boardroom

Why do some companies succeed in creating new markets while others fail?This question has driven the work of W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne over the past ten years and led them to conceptualize a framework for business innovation and success: Blue Ocean Strategy.

What is strategic awareness? 8 ways you can begin to use it in business and in life

Strategic awareness rarely features in modern textbooks on management, yet is something that can fundamentally change conversations and decision-making at the Board level. 

In essence, strategic awareness is the...

For the senior executive: the 5 tips you need to become an innovator

This commonly accepted business practice tends to compel people to believe that they need to cut costs to improve revenue and profit, making expenses the focus of the business strategy, not revenue generation. This often leads management to make decisions that actually harm the organization.

11 engagement techniques to improve your board attendance rates

Have you ever had (or heard of) the situation where one or more Board members were either consistently late, or were not turning up on a regular basis (with or without pre-warning)? 

The Six Most Powerful Questions You Can Ask To Enhance Your Board’s Strategic Awareness

The strategic value of asking the right questions, especially during board meetings, is rarely tapped into. Start use the six most powerful questions below and watch the effectiveness of your board skyrocket.