Three simple strategies to maximize your next external Board evaluation

For many corporate and nonprofit organisations alike, the need to evaluate the Board of directors, the strengths, weaknesses and skills gap at any given time, is critical to managing its effectiveness. Leverage these strategies and put your crosshairs on the areas that need the most improvement. 

[Whitepaper] What's the True Role of Your Board of Directors? (Hint: It's Not What You Think)

How you view the role of the Board can have a big impact on its effectiveness. Does your Board meet to tick the boxes on compliance? Or is it about choices and creation? This free white paper, Choices, Future, Communities, is a wake-up call to anyone who thinks they are too small to make a difference. 

“Even the cockatoos in the pet shops are talking about mergers in the Nonprofit Sector!”

Despite the challenges of regulatory uncertainty and economic pressure, a space to begin proactive discussions around mergers, acquisitions and other forms of sustainable growth has been created for organisations which are willing and prepared.

“We will never be hacked” and other cyber security myths that are leaving nonprofits exposed

How prepared an organization is to detect, respond and recover from a cyber attack will determine its resilience following the inevitable data or security breach it will suffer some day. Are you preapred for the inevitable? 

How to Develop a Cyber Security Strategy at the Board level

With the ongoing proliferation of sophisticated malware, data security breaches and ransomware attacks are an increasingly common experience for organizations worldwide. To meet this challenge, developing and implementing a cyber security strategy must become a priority in the Boardroom.

The Key to Becoming an Extraordinary Leader is Consciousness

When you see the results of these successful nonprofit organizations, you are seeing the extraordinary work of conscious leaders. The leadership qualities of the chief executive can have a profound effect on the ability of a nonprofit organization to perform effectively.  

How to craft an inspiring Vision statement



Your Vision statement is more than a catchphrase; it's a call to arms. As a conscious CEO, making use of your Vision statement as a strategic tool is one of the most powerful ways to align your organization's actions with its purpose. 

In fact, your Vision statement can and should be used in every Board meeting to drive strategic conversation.

If you do not have a Vision statement, start by asking 'What are the top 3-5 intents that captures the spirit of this organization?' These 'intents' should be non-negotiable.

Over time, and if used correctly, this statement should spur the behaviors and actions that will create the desired future for your organization.


Steven mentions Prosperity Consciousness: Leading yourself to Money through Conscious Awareness in this episode.


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The 3 types of key performance indicators (KPI) for the CEO that will encourage higher performance



When setting KPIs for the CEO, how can the Board provide a well-rounded series of 6-7 targets that encourage better performance?

This is an area which has traditionally received very little attention. Many CEOs can feel aggrieved by the mishandling of their KPIs and, as a result, it's not uncommon for a CEO to leave their post.

In this podcast, Steven Bowman explores a variety of KPIs which, when used in combination, encourage better outcomes for the organization.



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