How to cut down wasteful Director micromanagement with a good Board induction program

If decision making around the Board room is likely to recede into the weeds its productivity and effectiveness is greatly diluted. The Board induction program is the first and greatest opportunity to set personal expectations from the beginning of a Director’s tenure. 

For the board savvy CEO: your 8 steps to building an unbreakable relationship with the board

Eight of our best steps you can begin to implement today, which promise to put you in good shape to becoming a Board savvy CEO. This will enable a productive relationship to take place, and is crucial for trust to be fostered and strategic outcomes achieved much faster.

How to Remove an Unproductive Board Member

Removing a Director should occur either by performance management (e.g. Board evaluation results), structural management (e.g. term limits or constitutional and/or legal requirements invoked), or by perception management (e.g. offering a position on an advisory committee)

11 engagement techniques to improve your board attendance rates

Have you ever had (or heard of) the situation where one or more Board members were either consistently late, or were not turning up on a regular basis (with or without pre-warning)? 

The Six Most Powerful Questions You Can Ask To Enhance Your Board’s Strategic Awareness

The strategic value of asking the right questions, especially during board meetings, is rarely tapped into. Start use the six most powerful questions below and watch the effectiveness of your board skyrocket.