1. Strategic Plan Review Process

Our Strategic Planning Review Process reviews your existing strategic plan. This assessment ensures your strategy is focused, effective and complies with modern industry standards and developments. The review process also includes a discussion around the ways that your strategic plan can be embedded into the Governance and operational framework of your organization, meaning strategies and day-to-day operations are all directed toward achieving set priorities.  

2. What Does The Strategic Plan Review Cover?

The strategic planning review process explores the following questions with your existing strategic plan:

1. What has worked and what hasn’t worked in the past 12 months?

2. What has changed in your environment?

3. What do we take out and what new things do we put into the strategic plan?

3. The Strategic Planning Review Process

Initial preparation work:

Collection and analysis of key documents by facilitator (constitution, annual report, financials, strategic and risk documents as agreed) 

Strategic planning review facilitation with Board and senior staff:

1. Review Vision/Mission statement and its impact on decision making.

2. Review the current strategic plan and relevant business plans against new opportunities and risks.

3. Investigate what has been missed and what should be incorporated into the revised strategic plan.

4. Investigate any strategic assumptions that have changed and their impact on the strategic plan.

5. Discuss strategies for ensuring that the strategic plan is carried out at the various levels (Board, staff, committees etc), including reviewing the strategic plan regularly, and strategic thinking processes.

6. Strategies for embedding the strategic plan into performance measures and job descriptions at all levels of the organisation.

4. Why should we review your strategic plan?

Conscious Governance have some of the most experienced strategic planning consultants available, with extensive knowledge and expertise that provides unique and powerful strategic plans together with risk management plans that work.

They have worked with some of the worlds most experienced strategic planners, and have facilitated and taught strategic planning and risk management to many hundreds of organizations, continually updating their methodology to encompass the best and most efficient strategic planning and risk management methods.


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