A Workshop Made just for you

Do you want to know how to embed the strategic plan into all facets of your organization and get amazing buy-in from Board, staff and stakeholders? Do you want a process that is quick, focused and provides step-by-step guidelines that result in a strategic plan that is accountable and measurable?

What if strategic planning was the opposite of what most people think it is? What if it was quick, thorough, truly strategic, with clear accountability whilst adapting continuously as required? This is what we hope to show you in our Strategic Planning Workshop.


The content detailed below will be covered over the course of the workshop, however it may not be in the sequence as suggested below. The workshop will develop according to the interests and requirements of the participants, and whilst all the topics will be covered, how they are covered will be dependent upon the questions and interactions with the workshop participants.



The workshop can be tailored to your needs, or will cover a selection of the following key areas:

  •  Developing or reaffirming the Vision/Mission of your organization
  • Using your Vision/Mission statement as a strategic filter to develop and assess new and existing programs
  • Developing Alternative Future scenarios for plausible futures facing your organization and impact on business processes-Backcasting process
  • Developing measures of success for your organization
  • A Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Risks (SWOR) environmental filter analysis.
  • The impact of identified risks on your risk management plan
  • Developing the alternative key strategies for your organization
  • Agreeing and prioritizing key strategies
  • Developing Action Plans to achieve the identified Strategies
  • Impact analysis between the SWOR, Vision and Strategies.
  • Establish the Strategic Action plans for all agreed strategies.  
  • Strategies for ensuring that the strategic plan is carried out at the various levels, including reviewing the strategic plan regularly, and strategic thinking processes.
  • Strategies for embedding the strategic plan into performance measures and job descriptions at all levels of the organization
  • Show how to develop gaant chart to review timelines
  • Structuring the strategic plan process for success
  • Ensuring buy-in from staff and stakeholders
  • Annual reviews and continuous strategic planning
  • Explore cascading operational plans