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One of the most fundamental elements for any business is Strategic Planning.  It’s the process of defining the top three or four strategies of your organization for the next two to three years and the actions by which these strategies will be achieved and resourced. Out of the strategies flows a host of projects, which delivers on the direction the business seeks. In reality these actions need to be realistic and achievable, but also flexible enough to respond to the ever changing environment in which the entity operates.   

In our experience, the greatest barrier to business success is not the lack of planning, but the lack of accountability to implement and follow through on well-made directions and their action plans. We have clearly observed that without an implementation strategy, the business can lose sight of its vision and become unsustainable or irrelevant.


To succeed consistently over the longer term requires discipline and a reliable process for dealing with new prospects and unforeseen difficulties.

Our Strategic Assurance framework is such a process and has been proven to give assurance to boards and executive teams that the agreed strategies are progressively being actioned, and are flexible enough to change when required.

Our Strategic Assurance framework consists of five [5] easy touch points throughout the 12 months following your Strategic Planning Day. Throughout this period we assist you with:

  • Board measures of success and presentation of KPIs for Executive buy-in
  • Development of your implementation (business) plan operational staff buy-in and engagement strategy
  • Communication strategy and implementation advice for teams and key stakeholders
  • Development of clear quarterly targets, report backs and success indicators
  • Recognize quarterly any potential impacts from internal/external causes and respond accordingly
  • Dashboard/Reporting framework for transparent monitoring

The Strategic Assurance program consists of:


The program concludes with the recognition of the first year successes. It provides acknowledgment of establishing a culture of strategic improvement and ‘wins’ with critical milestones.

It also delivers on embedding the Strategic Assurance program into the culture, governance and operational structures of the organization.  And importantly, for a business to thrive over the duration of the planning timeline requires discipline which is delivered through the program, and brings the necessary momentum for success. 


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