Duties and Responsibilities of Directors

The individuals who are selected to be on the board of directors of an organization have overall responsibility for the activities of the organization. Directors have duties and responsibilities to assure good governance and act in the interests of the organization – including putting the organization’s interests ahead of their own. Governance is about the Board making the choices that create the future for the communities they serve. 

Sample - Duties and responsibilities of Directors

As a Director:

I am entitled to receive all internal information concerning the organization’s affairs.

I have a right to retain or obtain documents.

I have a duty to act:

  • in good faith and in the best interests of the organization;
  • with care and diligence; and
  • to avoid a conflict in the position of a Director including a conflict of interest.

I have a duty prohibiting the misuse of information obtained as a Director.


As a Director I regularly review the above and satisfy myself that those duties and responsibilities are carried out appropriately.

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