Action Plan

Action Plan - Example

Each strategy will usually have more than one Action Plan, with each plan targeting a different aspect of the strategy, or developing into a hierarchy of plans that need to be completed in a particular sequence.

The following example shows a completed Action Plan.

Action Plan

Strategy 1: Demonstrate representation of the wider finance industry.

Action Plan 1.1 Identify demographics of current members.

Scope:  Identify demographic information relevant to planning needs; analyse what the database can do now, what it is capable of doing, what is needed; construct the database to accommodate survey information; identify how to collect, input and maintain data; survey all members with next subscription notice; review membership application form and renewal notice to include all database fields and survey information.

Resources:  Database upgrade $15,000; time allocation for data input.

Start:  May 2008.

Completion:  November 2008.

Project Manager:  Executive Director.

Success Measure: 60% members have complete data on the database.

Ethical Dimension:  Ensure privacy, ensure security of data.

Risk analysis:  database corruption-need backup protocols