Operational and Business Plan Checklist

Week 1 - Preliminary kick-off meeting (involving the CEO and nominated specific Board members

Week 1 - Collection and analysis of key documents by facilitator (constitution, annual report, financials, strategic documents as agreed)

Week 2 - Commence Operational Planning retreat

9.00 am Presentation to staff on the strategic planning process. How to use the Vision statement in operational project development

9.30 am Short training session on how to write action plans, the importance of success measures, and how to develop the three different types of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

10.00 am Departments develop Key Objectives and match against strategic plan

11.30 am Teams develop detailed operational action plans

3.00 pm Key Performance Indicators for Department/project teams

3.30 pm Key Performance Indicators for individual staff

4.00 pm Wrap up and summary of next steps