Risk management policy

Risk management policy: Sample


The Board has developed a policy to assist the embedding of risk management into our organisation. To achieve our agreed objectives and outcomes, the following risk management policy has been adopted:

(insert the name of your organization) will develop an organisational culture that optimises our ability to achieve our strategic objectives while ensuring appropriate management of risks. 


The aims of our risk management policy are to:

- promote employee, stakeholder, and public safety;
- protect personnel, assets and intellectual property;
- encourage better quality service delivery;
- minimise loss and insurance costs, and
- improve contingency planning for dealing with risks and their impact. 


Operating principles that support this risk management policy are summarised below.

We will actively:

  • identify and rank all strategic risks;
  • ensure risk management becomes part of day-to-day management;
  • provide staff with the policies and procedures necessary to manage risks;
  • ensure staff are aware of risks and how to manage them; and
  • monitor our strategic risk profile and implement a continuous improvement approach to risk management.