Media Policy

Media Policy - Sample


In accordance with the Statement of Purposes (NAME) acknowledges that it has a responsibility to "promote a better understanding of cultural diversity and a greater awareness of the needs of the target group".

In order for the organisation to effectively promote awareness and publicise the needs of the client group(s) it is imperative that effective use of, and response to the media occurs. NIRC acknowledges that its use of print and electronic media will be in both a proactive and reactive manner. 



As such the following outlines a clear manner in which the organisation can utilise the media in order to achieve its stated aims: 1.All media enquires are to be directed to the CEO.

2.Where media statements are required immediately, the CEO will respond. The Chairperson or authorised delegate may also respond to media inquiries following consultation with the CEO.

3.Staff/BOM must not communicate with media on behalf of the organisation without prior authorisation form the CEO.

4.Confidentiality and privacy of clients should always be respected. Verbal consent from clients should be sought prior to any photographs, films or interviews for media activities. The CEO or her/his delegate is responsible for seeking this consent.

5.(NAME) will seek to promote positive coverage of its achievements, challenges and future vision. E.g. new service developments.

6.All media releases and events will aim to educate and inform the public about issues facing migrants living in the community. Emphasis will be on promoting the rights of clients, creating positive community attitudes.

7.(NAME) will endeavour, where possible and appropriate to convey all media releases in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner i.e. utilising ethnic media.

8.(NAME) will not provide endorsements of any political party, but will comment in a qualitative manner on the merits and deficiencies of any policy initiative.

9.(NAME) has a responsibility to work with consumers to promote the provision of well resourced, high quality services which are responsive to the expressed needs of consumers.

10.Under no circumstances shall staff/Board of Management members engage in media activities to air concern/grievances regarding the operation of (NAME) .