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Episodes from the 'Conscious CEO' series:

Episode 1: 

Break out of your operational mindset: 7 key tools to boost your Board's strategic thinking 

Episode 2: 

A beginner's guide to the strategic planning process

Episode 3:

Strategic Board Agendas: How to make your Board meetings strategic masterminds

Episode 4:

How to use simple questions to energize your Boardroom and unlock innovation

Episode 5:

How to use Board evaluations to turn perceived weaknesses into organizational strengths

Episode 6:

The three types of KPIs that will drive higher performance in any organization

Episode 7:

How to craft an inspiring Vision statement

Episode 8:

How to identify and view risk so that it becomes an asset to your organization 

Episode 9:

Tips to avoid "CEO Syndrome" and biased information sources

Episode 10:

Management vs leadership: How to inspire others as a great leader

Episode 11:

"No Surprises": Tips to nurture the CEO & Chair relationship to success

Episode 12:

Best practice when reporting to the Board with Dr. Terrie Temkin

Episode 13:

How to remove an under performing Director with dignity and respect

Episode 14:

Nonprofit Board Governance: A new framework to lead a highly effective organization


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