The key to harnessing conscious leadership 

The key to harnessing conscious leadership involves a shift in the way you function in the world and the way you perceive and create your reality.

It is fundamental for you to recognize and acknowledge that you are not your story or your personal history.  Please recognize that you create yourself and your reality exactly as your thought pattern which gets accrued in the mind and body, and is expressed as incoherence, turmoil, stress, and fear in your life. This is not who you truly are.

To harness conscious leadership, leaders must choose to claim and own their true self which is an unlimited and infinite being, and become a creator of their own life.  While there are no rules for doing this, there are tools and techniques to help leaders develop and expand their conscious leadership qualities.

To harness conscious leadership you also must develop and expand your AWARENESS

Awareness is the capacity to know everything. It is a continuous, ever moving, ever expanding possibility. It is the ability to be totally present in life without any judgment at all, of anything that goes on and the willingness to receive in totality the abundance and exuberance of life.   

Conscious leaders possess intensity of awareness by continuously expanding the zone of awareness.  When you expand your zone of awareness, you become fluidity of being. There is a heightened awareness and sensitivity. You define nothing and you are aware of everything. You are functioning from infinite possibility. 

Conscious leadership is the result of certain ongoing choices you make, actions you take. It requires you to let go of your limitations, habitual patterns or behaviors that you maintain because it is your comfort zone. Cultivating a conscious leadership presence will require you to operate and function in the space that may feel uncomfortable at first. 

To become a conscious leader, first and foremost you must choose to be a conscious leader. You must claim, own and acknowledge it and have it.  If you see awareness as external and not part of your being, you will never have it at all.  All you have to be is willing and choose it, not once, but every second, every moment.

The single most vital step for expanding the zone of awareness is the willingness to dis-identify from the mind.

Expanding the zone of awareness means rising above thoughts, feelings and emotions. Every time you stop identifying with the mind, the zone of awareness expands larger. You will not be able to expand your zone of awareness as long as you are your mind.

The key to expanding the zone of awareness is to choose to relate to life in spontaneous interaction with the energy of the moment and claim and own the ability to perceive, know, be and receive everything. 

When you in an expanded zone of awareness state you are in the present moment. And it’s a condition you can cultivate. 

“Conscious leaders live in the world as the greatness that invites everybody else to be the greatness of them.”