The Workshop:

“Risk Management Rocks! Risk seen through the Lens of Strategic Opportunity”


This workshop will include the following:

  • A new way of engaging with risk: What if risk was easy to identify, provided strategic advantage to your organisation, and added value to achieving your vision and mission? What if risk was perceived by your Board as strategic advantage, hidden opportunity, potential innovation? Would this change how you and you organization dealt with risk? Understanding risk will unlock invisible opportunities. Risk is strategic advantage, not a compliance issue.

  • Identifying enterprise-wide risk in a comprehensive, elegant manner

  • How to rank risks so we focus on the big ones at Board level, and the smaller risks at the staff level

  • How to manage risk so it creates strategic opportunity and develops revenue streams

  • Changing culture so risk becomes strategic and useful, not compliance and feared.

  • Ensuring you comply with the Risk Standard as well as leveraging off risk