Conscious Board toolkit

Conscious Board Toolkit

This resource provides tools and tips to assist the board to address  challenging governance issues with awareness. These tools will assist your Board in crafting a conscious  leadership structure and approach that will effectively improve  performance.

  • Attributes of a Conscious Board Member
  • Board Induction Strategies
  • Board Succession Planning and Skills Analysis
  • Board Evaluation Processs
  • Advanced Board Governance Strategies
  • Board Policies
  • Board Charters
  • Board Subcommittee Charters

Board Induction Strategies

Board Induction is essential to ensuring that new Board members become productive contributors to the nonprofit Board as quickly as possible. A well designed Board induction process will help to ensure that new Board members are aware of their roles and responsibilities and to understand the nonprofit organization’s objectives and operations. 

Board Subcommitees

The most common nonprofit Board committees are the Finance and Audit committee (sometimes called the Finance committee), the Board and CEO Appraisal committee (sometimes called the Governance committee, or the Succession Planning committee, or the Remuneration committee), and the Compliance committee (sometimes called the internal audit committee, or the audit and risk committee).