Policy Making policy

Policy Making policy : Sample 

The development of (Name of Organisation) policy shall follow set procedures to ensure the efficacy of the process and the overall policy framework.

There shall be three levels of policy making:

1.Board level policy

2.Operational Policies

3.Public Position Policies 

1.Board level policy

This shall include:

  • Strategic policies defining the outcomes sought from all operational effort.
  • Governing process policies defining the Board's own operating practices and its relationship with the CEO and staff.
  • CEO Delegation Policies defining the limits of the Board's delegation of responsibility to the CEO.
  • Compliance policies defining the organisation's commitment to meeting the requirements of specified legislation. 


2.Operational Policies

These policies are to be developed by the CEO in consultation with staff, defining day-to-day operational frameworks/guidelines for staff.

All operational policies shall be consistent with the principles, boundaries and definitions outlined in the Board level policies.

The CEO will establish procedures for the development of all operational policies, and as such procedures will ensure adequate and appropriate consultation with the relevant sub-Board and all staff who may be affected by the policies. 




1.Board Level Policies

  • The Board at a formally constituted Board Meeting will approve all Board level policies.
  • The need for new policies and policy review can be notified by individual Board members, the CEO, staff members, or members of the organisation.
  • Whenever possible, policies should be developed in response to the potential for future use or in advance of an event rather than in response to an event, crisis or problem.
  • Except in special circumstances, a policy cannot be introduced and approved by the Board at the same Board meeting.
  • A Sub Board or Board working party, including staff and/or the CEO when required by the Board, will research and draft new policies. These will then be circulated to all Board members, staff and other interested parties for comment prior to presentation to the Board for approval.
  • All policies will be subject to review to be carried out by an approved policy review working group or sub Board.
  • All Board level policies shall be freely available to all Board members, the CEO and staff.


2.Operational Policies

  • The CEO is responsible for the development of all operational policies, in consultation with staff, sub Boards or Board working groups where applicable.
  • The CEO will consult with staff in relation to establishment of or changes to policies and procedures which impact upon their work.
  • Operational policies shall be freely available to Board members, staff, volunteers, members and specified agents in the event of a policy review or audit sanctioned by the Board.
  • All operational policies shall be reviewed annually.