For many nonprofits, the reality of uncertain funding and a changing political landscape makes long-term planning challenging. Your ability to thrive is dependent on your willingness to anticipate trends currently shaping your environment, as well as those which are still on the horizon, and maintain an agile approach to governance.

This is the essence of effective strategic planning: determine where your resources, time and energy should be allocated to drive the greatest positive impact in your community now and into the future.

However, of the 1,000+ strategic plans Conscious Governance sights in a given year, four out of five fails as both plans and accountability documents.

The Conscious Governance Strategic Planning Regional Round Tables are moderated discussions that explore proven, time-efficient planning techniques that help get your strategic plan working for your organization.

“Thank you very much for the very informative and helpful Round Table discussion on strategic planning ...This is my second exposure to your work and I am very impressed by your engaging approach, clarity of thinking and focus on practical outcomes.”
— Odette Waanders Chief Executive Officer, Palliative Care Victoria



  • How to create greater strategic awareness at Board and staff levels
  • How meetings can be structured to focus on strategic outcomes, so you have more time to create the future
  • Strategic thinking and decision-making
  • How to report on the outcomes of the strategic plan, so you can measure your activities and modify when required.

The Remaining Round Tables


We are busy planning more regional round tables for 2017. Watch this space.


As a CEO and/or Board member your contribution to our community is vital. We know you strive to make a difference in regional Victoria – these events have been designed with you in mind.

The peer-to-peer discussions are facilitated with Chatham House Rules allowing for high-level discussion on key priority areas. The Strategic Planning in 1 Day “how to” guide all participants receive will leave you believing that it is possible change your perspective that “hard” things can indeed be “easy”.



These sessions are ideal for Board members, CEOs and senior leaders in the education, community and health sectors. Participants will engage in peer to peer learning, with a strong focus on best practice and real case studies.





Attendees receive a suite of personally tailored resources including access to the Conscious Governance Knowledge Centre (templates, articles, examples etc), webinar on being strategic, and audio resources to the value of over $700.00

Attendees of the Warragul Round Table, hosted by West Gippsland Healthcare Group. Names printed below.

Attendees of the Warragul Round Table, hosted by West Gippsland Healthcare Group. Names printed below.

Our Partners

Demonstrated Expertise:

Conscious Governance has worked with hundreds of organisations including:

  • Planning Institute of Australia
  • Taxi Council of Queensland
  • Master Electricians
  • General Practice NSW
  • Murrumbidgee Medicare Local
  • South East Sydney Medicare Local
  • Job Centre Australia Hutt Street Centre
  • Consult Australia
  • Australian Self-Medication Industry
  • WentWest Ltd
  • New Horizons


Jodie Willmer 

Jodie is an international consultant
specialising in strategic planning, mergers & amalgamations and board governance.

Her work enables boards and CEOs to devise and define their strategic direction; assisting them to conceive and develop short and long term strategies that achieve organizational agendas and goals. She also assists them to redefine and redirect culture, change management and organizational identity to focus on their mission, and operate from a place of strategic awareness and insight. 

Jodie is passionate about governance practices, robust financial and risk management frameworks. She has vast experience at CEO level in delivering risk management and governance workshops for the Not For Profit sector.


Patrick Timmons

Pat brings a focus on the regional community perspective to our strategic conversations and facilitation of strategic planning. He has a background in Senior Management in the Northern Territory and Victorian governments and has held senior positions in a variety of community changing organisations. 

Pat is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and maintains a strong focus on empowering and strengthening the capacity of all communities by fostering strategic awareness and successful strategic planning.



Attendees are board members and senior leaders from Kooweerup Regional Health Service, West Gippsland Healthcare Group and Prom Country Aged Care

Front row left to right 

1.Frank Megens 2.Paul Adams 3.Mrs. Marlene Dalziel 4. Sandy Bucello 5.Jackie Dargaville

Second row from left to right
1. Peter Kingwill 2.Peter Marks 3.Mr. Robert Stunden 4.John Monagle 5.Jodie Willmer (Facilitator- Conscious Governance) 6.Christine Drummond 7.Pat Timmons (Facilitator - Conscious Governance) 

Also in attendance but not pictured : 
Jane Leslie, Gaye Britt, Dan Weeks