Risk Management Review & Support

Risk and uncertainty are forces that are part of everyday life. Consider the painter propping up a ladder to paint the side of a house: once the ladder has been spread open and placed in the right position, the painter will give it a good shake from side to side.

By bombarding the ladder with physical forces, the painter is simulating how stable the ladder will be when he climbs up to paint the house. The same is true in business. Check some of your stable business platforms and give them a good shake: are there any new risks that fall out?

There is more to risk than what you can see. The notion of enterprise risk is that it occurs at each of your organization's touch points. This would include: strategy, compliance, financial, operation, environmental and reputation. 

What if risk didn't just mean a negative deviation from the expected result? What if risk was actually hidden opportunity – perhaps even the source of your next innovation?

If your organization chooses to take a positive point of view on risk, or at least a more constructive viewpoint, how would staff then begin to manage risk in their own areas of responsibilities ─ even in the face of complete uncertainty?